How often do I need to be seen for appointments?

When it comes to scheduling, every patient is different.

At Potomac Psychiatry, our patient-centered approach means there is simply no one-size-fits-all approach to medication, appointments, and other needs. Once you begin treatment, your psychiatrist works to create a treatment plan that is unique to you, and will communicate that plan for the two of you to openly discuss to ensure you have all your questions answered.

How frequently will I need to be seen?

Sometimes patients need to be seen more frequently at the beginning of treatment—such as multiple times a week—to bring about rapid stabilization, while others may only need to be seen every few months, up to once a year.

 As your treatment progresses and new diagnostic information emerges, your plan may evolve. And because you are our first priority, we, too, can evolve and adapt to your own scheduling needs.

For more detailed information about how long it may take for you to feel better, please visit this page.

How often are medication follow-ups?

If you are prescribed medication, once you have been stabilized you can generally expect a follow-up visit in about three months to check on your progress. This follow-up appointment may be the only one you have in that time, or you may have visits in between, depending upon your unique clinical needs and the type of medication prescribed.

Some medications require our psychiatrists to see you on a specific interval—your doctor will let you know if your medication fits this description. In most cases, patients will require more appointments in the beginning as our doctors get to know you better, refine their diagnostic thinking, and focus on stabilizing your condition and improving your symptoms as rapidly as possible.

Appointment frequency generally decreases over time as a patient’s condition is stabilized.