What is the best way to get in touch with my doctor, and to request prescription medication?

Whether you have an administrative question for our staff or a refill request for your doctor, Potomac Psychiatry prioritizes responsiveness.

There is hardly anything more frustrating for patients than having a simple question or medication request for their doctor but not being able reach them for an answer. At Potomac, our responsiveness sets us apart—we are not only aware of these concerns, we have built a well-run system of communications designed to ensure our patients never have to wait to hear from their clinician.

Here’s how you can contact our staff and clinicians:

Contacting Potomac staff

If you have any administrative questions, you can email our administrative staff with any questions you have at info@potomacpsychiatry.com. All queries will be answered within 24 hours.

Patients are also welcome to text questions to our staff through our secure HIPAA compliant number at (301) 298-3740, or call us at (301) 984-9791.

If you have any clinical questions, including questions regarding a refill or medication request, please contact your doctor directly using the information below.

Contacting Potomac clinicians

  •   For patients of Dr. Kehr: If requesting a non-controlled medication, you can contact your pharmacy who can ePrescribe directly to our electronic health record (EHR) system. If you are requesting a controlled medication, you can leave a direct voicemail with Dr. Kehr noting the name of your requested medication, quantity, and preferred pharmacy. To reach Dr. Kehr’s voicemail, simply call our main number, (301) 984-9791, and press option 2.
  •   For patients of Dr. Carr, Dr. Negro or Dr. Portillo: you can leave a direct voicemail to request any medications you may need by calling (301) 984-9791, and pressing option 2.
  •   For patients of Dr. Lyerly: you can text your refill request to their cell phones directly. If you do not have their cell phone numbers already, you can find them in their voicemail recordings—again, by calling (301) 984-9791, and pressing option 2.

Other helpful contact information

Once you have made your medication request, you can follow up with your pharmacy to determine when your medications will be ready for pick up. Many pharmacies offer text alerts that save you time and energy by informing you immediately when your meds are available.

If you need to update your pharmacy on file, please contact our administrative staff directly via email, phone call, or text message. If you work with Dr. Portillo, please inform him of this information directly by leaving a voicemail.

If your insurance changes, please provide our administrative staff with your latest insurance ID number. We also recommend you contact your pharmacy with your new insurance information.

No matter what your question or request may be, our doctors and staff are here for you to help you find clarity and a solution as soon as possible. If you are unsure who to call, our front desk is always available to advise you.