What is your cancellation policy?

Need to cancel your appointment? We are here to help. Read our cancellation policy here.

Potomac Psychiatry strives to provide the best patient care and give all patients ample time in their appointments. Because of this, our doctors’ schedules tend to fill up quickly—some even have wait lists. On a given day, Potomac doctors see patients back to back, so the charges associated with an appointment are to reserve time on the doctor’s schedule.

Our 48-hour cancellation policy

We have found if we are given 48 business hours’ notice of cancellation, we can fill the empty time slot with someone waiting to be seen, or someone who has requested an urgent appointment. With less than 48 hours’ notice, however, we are not always able to get in touch with patients hoping and waiting for an earlier time slot.

In order to be respectful of everybody’s time, the patient is responsible for paying the full amount for any appointments cancelled less than 48 business hours in advance. However, when this occurs, we still try our best to fill the slot with the short notice, and if we are able to do so, the cancelling patient will not be charged. While these policies are in place to protect our patients and be respectful of everyone’s time, you may always discuss with your doctor if an emergency arises that prevents you from keeping an upcoming appointment.